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On the Mendocino Coast

December 29, 2019

This region is rich with diversity–human and animal alike! We hope you enjoy your adventures on land and at sea. Learn more about the marine mammals you may spot if look for them during your visit. Visit the working Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg. Trails and parks to check out while you are here.

Notable Responses

Marine Mammal Stranding Network Data Collection

April 12, 2019

From the Field: “You never know what might wash up on our coast.  This is not a marine mammal, but it is certainly something worth investigating”.  Level A Data collected.  Specimen sent to Marine Mammal Center.    

Response of the Week

Marine Mammal Stranding Network Data Collection

April 12, 2019

From the Field: “Yesterday, I responded to a the remains of a subadult Harbor Seal located at Westport Union Landing, north of Westport, with what appears to be a hide with bite marks. Orca?”  Data reported to California Academy of Science, specimen not collected. Related data: 4 years ago (April 18)  Deceased Orca washes in…

Ocean Soundscape

July 5, 2017

Fog horns, heavy surf, and sea lions barking are all part of the acoustic environment on our coast.  Composer and local jazz musician John Gilmore has combined this soundscape with original musical compositions to create a unique collection of “music” inspired by the Mendocino coast. Incorporating the field recordings where he lives, John offers his musical interpretation…

Noyo at Sea

Another Great Season Comes to a Close

October 28, 2016

I’ve always thought of myself as an ocean guy.  I grew up on the Atlantic — to be more precise, smack on Long Island Sound, that expanse of salt water that marries the shorelines of Connecticut and Long Island — and spent my boyhood exploring the marshes, estuaries and mudflats of that usually calm body…

Killer Whale Tragedy

Male Orca washes up on MacKerricher Beach

April 5, 2015

The Fort Bragg Orca Orca beach strandings are rare. So rare, in fact, that there are fewer than 30 skeletons on display worldwide. In April 2015, an Orca was found on the beach at MacKerricher State Park, just north of Ft. Bragg. Spanning 26-feet, the Fort Bragg Orca will be the largest Orca skeleton on…

Sea Foam Explained!

Addressing a common misconception

October 14, 2014

I love fall.  I love the blustery days and the wild seas.  It was a spectacular day on Monday out at Spring Ranch, one of my favorite places to walk along the coast with my pooch. The seas were churning and I noticed a good amount of sea foam in the water, and it reminded me that I’ve…

Ask a Scientist!

Let Us Help Find the Answers

March 12, 2014

Let’s admit it.  We all have them.  Those nagging questions you’ve always wanted to ask but didn’t know who to go to?  Like…why are those rocks on Bowling Ball Beach so perfectly round? Well, look no further.  We will find the expert for you and post an answer here on the website.  We’ll try to post an…