Calling all Articulators

Sea Lion Artculation Workshop Events

July 13, 2015

We are articulating our first skeletons! 

We hope you will join us as we build two sea lion skeletons bone-by-bone.  With the help of Master Articulators Mike deRoos, Michi Main, and Lee “the Boneman” Post, the Noyo Center will assemble a California Sea Lion skeleton and a Steller Sea Lion skeleton in life-like poses for eventual display at the Center.

Members of the public are invited to participate in the following free events:steller head

Sunday, July 19, from 3:30 to 5 pm

“THE ART OF ARTICULATION” Attend a public lecture by Mike and Michi to explore the art, science and engineering that goes into the articulation of a marine mammal. They will explain what will happen during the sea lion articulation workshop and discuss what lies ahead for the Noyo Center when we articulate its 73-foot Blue Whale Skeleton next year.   Location: Fort Bragg Town Hall (corner of Main and Laurel). 

 Monday, July 20 thru Sunday, August 2, from 9 am to 5 pm each day

SEA LION SKELETON ARTICULATION WORKSHOP Get up close and personal with our two skeletons as we puzzle together the bones using small hand tools and sculpting techniques.  Participants will learn about anatomical details and discuss habitats and communities, ecosystems and food chains, and human interactions and survival. Sign up for 3 hours blocks of time on any day of the workshop by visiting the Noyo Center office (213 E. Laurel St.) or via email [email protected]  Old Rec Center Gym (corner of Laurel and Franklin, behind City Hall).

APPRENTICE ARTICULATORS: We are looking for five students (ages 12-18) to work closely with our experts during the two-week workshop on the sea lion skeletons. Apprentices will also help design the interim exhibit of the sea lions for public display. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain some extraordinary experience! Applicants should visit the Noyo Center website to apply by July 15th.

July 25-26;  10am-3pm


Wrrrh, bloop, swish, and splash.  Come learn how raindrops look in slow motion and frozen in time using the waterdrop time machine! Check out and operate a mini underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV), built from easy to make parts and learn how it works. Build a simple robotic jellyfish and program it to move underwater!  All while the skeletons are being built!  Old Rec Center Gym (corner of Laurel and Franklin, behind City Hall).

 Saturday, August 1,  from 4 to 6 pm  

SKELETON UNVEILING: The two sea lion skeletons will be presented to the public during a reception following the conclusion of the articulation workshop. Old Rec Center Gym (corner of Laurel and Franklin, behind City Hall).

Mike and Michi are biologists with a high tolerance for unpleasant sights and smells!  Together, they run a small company in Canada (Cetacea) specializing in the collection and preparation of marine mammal skeletons for museums and educational institutions.  They are assisting the Noyo Center for Marine Science with the preparation and articulation of its blue whale skeleton.

Lee Post, affectionately known as “the Boneman”, is a world renowned expert who literally wrote the book on skeleton articulation.  He has worked for decades around the country on exhibits big and small, most recently at the California Academy of Science, where he led the articulation of a killer whale and harbor porpoise.  We are honored to have him in Fort Bragg to collaborate on this project.

Questions regarding this information should be directed to Sheila Semans, Executive Director, Noyo Center for Marine Science at (707)-733-NOYO (6696) or [email protected]