City Support

We need your voice.

Local youth marveling at the creatures in our tide pool aquarium at the Crow’s Nest Interpretive Center on the Noyo Headlands Coastal Trail.

At the Jan 27th meeting, the City Council of Fort Bragg heard a a finance report from staff that includes repurposing the 2015 Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) increase from its voter approved designations to the City’s general fund. This means we would lose both material financial support as well as the recognition from the City of Fort Bragg that the Noyo Center is a worthwhile investment and is bringing value into the community.

We encourage you to send letters of support directly to your City Council members or to the City Clerk ([email protected]) any time this month.

Together, we can remind them that we, as active voters in Fort Bragg, expect the following actions from our representatives:

  • upholding political integrity
  • investing in local economy
  • supporting climate change mitigation efforts
  • facilitating local and tourist appreciation of our local marine ecology
  • and more!

For a full list of talking points to inspire your letter, please email [email protected]

We thank you for supporting us in this way!

In 2015, the City passed a measure to increase the TOT tax AND to utilize the increased funds in the following ways:

Elementary school classes have engaging field trips to the Discovery Center to learn about orcas and local ocean ecology.
  • 1/2 to City promotions and marketing
  • 1/4 to maintain the coastal trail
  • 1/8 to Noyo Center
  • 1/8 to special projects including playing fields

[More info on Measures_AA__AB.]

Since this increase started 3 years ago, the Noyo Center has received approximately $150k of TOT money that has been critical in building our organization.

With that support we have:

  • opened the Discovery Center Downtown which hosted over 25,000 visitors last year;
  • expanded our education program both in the classroom and at the Discovery Center for students of all ages;
  • built a collaborative international partnership to address the kelp crisis among other conservation and restoration efforts;
  • provided stable and meaningful jobs to members of our local community;
  • responded to numerous stranded dead and distressed marine mammals, who are increasing in number due to disrupted ocean ecology;
  • and maintained a lively group of volunteers.
Our dedicated team of volunteer citizen scientists are helping to monitor the purple urchin populations in collaboration with local commercial divers and other ecological stewardship organization.

While we are well on our way to becoming an established fixture of this town, we are far from self-sustaining. We believe that a few more years of TOT tax support would be instrumental in building the foundation we need to support a premier science center on our property on the Noyo Headlands.

We need your voice to remind the Council that the voters approved City support of the Noyo Center.

Please send your comments to the City Clerk, June Lemos, [email protected] or email [email protected] with any questions.

Thank you!