NOYO Center Design

Conceptual Design

Once the Noyo Center’s concepts began to take shape, the City was awarded a grant to begin the design phase for this initiative.  Bauer and Wiley Architects (now Bauer Architects) brought the vision of the Noyo Center to the page, emphasizing the ethic of sustainability in form as well as function.  Informed by public consultations, Bauer designed a beautifully articulated campus that was met with resounding support from the community and the City Council.  See the full concept in our Schematic Design Presentation Booklet and follow the links below to see the design elements for each section of the Noyo Center.

What’s Next?

We are extremely excited to be working on funding the next phase of the design process in which our concept will be crystallized.  Click here to see how you can help us realize the Noyo Center vision.