The Location

Fort Bragg Headlands along the Mendocino Coast

Artist rendition of future marine center, design by Pfau Long Architects.

Located on the rugged coast of Fort Bragg, California, the 11.5-acre Noyo Center site situated adjacent to recently protected coastal lands. Together the Noyo Center and Noyo Headlands Park lead the redevelopment of a 400-acre former timber mill site spanning more than three miles of Fort Bragg’s waterfront.  

The Noyo Center will be the only marine research and education center within a 300 mile stretch of the northern California coast. The site is ideal for interpreting a spectacular array of marine and terrestrial habitats. Colleges, universities, and other agencies throughout the region are eager to conduct research at the Noyo Center because of the: 

  • Abundant and diverse species assemblages;
  • Oceanographic features resulting in significant ecosystem productivity, including: upwelling, river-ocean interface, a very large eddy formation (Mendocino Eddy), and two large underwater  canyons (Noyo Canyon and Vizcaino Canyon);
  • A diversity of accessible marine substrates (rocky benches, surge channels, sand and cobble beaches, many off shore monuments). 


Follow the link for more information on the Site Plan or click below for more on some features of this beautiful location: