The Whale House

Featuring a 73-foot blue whale skeleton

Near the end of the initial design process for the Noyo Center, a 73-foot blue whale was killed off our headlands in a tragic ship-strike.  In a collaborative effort, we were able to retrieve the massive blue whale skeleton for research and display (see the amazing story of our blue whale).

Our plans for the whale hall are still being developed.  Currently, we envision a mainly glass building, with connectivity to the Discovery Center, and allowing the casual visitor – perhaps walking the coastal trail- the opportunity to view this community treasure.  This building will house the feature exhibit at Noyo, drawing visitors to the coast and into the Discovery Centre.

Once inside the building, visitors will be able to proceed downstairs for multiple viewing perspectives of the massive skeleton and to experience related interpretive displays.  Because the blue whale has inspired so much passion from the community, the possibility of expanding this building into a natural history museum is also being explored.

[Stay tuned as this element of the Noyo Center campus evolves.  However, it may not be practical to have an all glass building in this marine environment, so the next phase of design will look at ways to minimize maintenance, but still allow the general public to see the blue whale from the outside. ] take this out?

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