Wednesdays, 3:00-5:00PM

8 week commitments

Downtown Center, 338 N. Main Street in Fort Bragg

Furthering our commitment to the three “E’s”, our student internship program offers hands-on, intensive educational experiences. Open to high school and college students in 8 week blocks, we are now offering sessions in three tracks described below. Time commitments are generally 8 hours a month after school, plus occasional weekend hours for special projects or events.  We are happy to work with the students to apply their work towards school credits or service hours. Be sure to fill out the form below to apply!

Art and Science

“Ocean Upwelling” is a new collaborative program with Flockworks that combines art and science to engage children and adults in understanding the wonders and fragility of the earth’s ocean ecosystems.  We will use art to expand the ways people understand the science of the marine world. Intern will:

  • Participate in hands-on art projects and installations
  • Staffing and/or participation in our annual Marine Science and Art Fair in March
  • Support education and outreach programs to the greater community


Leaders: Sue Coulter and Janet Self


Marine Mammal and Beach Response

The Noyo Center, in partnership with the CA Academy of Sciences, responds to all dead marine mammals along the southern Mendocino coast. Data collected is used by the West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network to develop vital information on all of marine mammal species. In doing this work, the Noyo Center is also building an impressive natural history collection, including our 73-ft blue whale and a 26-ft killer whale! Interns will:

  • Learn to identify the marine mammals we commonly encounter
  • Conduct beach surveys and collect Level A data on all specimens found during surveys
  • Help clean and process marine mammal specimens in collection
  • Learn how to reassemble marine mammal skeletons
  • Help educate the public about marine mammals and the Stranding Network


 Leaders: Sarah Grimes and Richard Millis

Marine Technology

Employing some of the latest developments in technology available, Noyo Center is committed to bringing marine science education and research together, making the oceans more accessible to all. Exploring technologies in virtual reality, robotics and 3D scanning, among others, we are better able to communicate the beauty and importance of our unique marine environment to the public, young and old alike. Applied wisely, technology can be a bridge to our natural world rather than an obstacle, that is our goal. Marine technology interns will help prioritize projects and may work on:

Students testing NEMO
  • Developing an augmented reality topographic sand table
  • 3D scanning and printing in support of our specimen collection
  • Utilizing underwater robotics and instrumentation, including deployment of NEMO or the Noyo Education Marine Observatory and a 360 underwater camera
  • Creating a ROV (remotely operated vehicle) to be used in our research program
  • Creating a virtual reality geodesic sphere for an immersive underwater  public display
  • Underwater video editing and interpretation


Leader: Crans Squire      Location may vary


Any student interested in an internship opportunity should fill out the form below.  Students are expected to attend at least 80% of the time. Internships are unpaid, although community service credits will apply.  Applicants will be interviewed by a selection committee. If you have any questions or special considerations for the committee, please contact Natalie Henderson at [email protected] or (707) 733-6696