Science Talk: Climate Hope- Optimism and Solutions around Climate Change

January 7, 2020

with Marine Scientist and Educator, Adam Ratner of the Marine Mammal Center

Friday, January 31, 2019

6:30 pm

Discovery Center, 338 N. Main St., Downtown Fort Bragg

This talk will inspire people to take action on climate through a focus on solutions and hope rather than data and fear. Come get a dose of optimism from The Marine Mammal Center, the world’s largest marine mammal hospital and a global leader in conservation, as we talk about the climate solutions happening around the world that provide the sense of empowerment and agency we need to tackle the climate issue.

Adam Ratner is a marine scientist and educator with The Marine Mammal Center, the world’s largest marine mammal hospital and educational center. Overseeing conservation education operations, he challenges guests to think differently about ocean conservation using the stories of individual patients that are rescued by the Center. Adam’s work directly interacting with thousands of visitors each year allows him to make significant contributions to protecting the environment and achieving the Center’s mission of advancing global ocean conservation. He incorporates topics including climate change, ocean trash, and sustainable seafood into the Center’s guest experience, in some cases exposing visitors for the first time to the simple idea that their actions have an impact on the ocean. Adam was named one of the 30 under 30 Game Changers for the Planet by the North American Association for Environmental Education, is a leading member of the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation, and a founding member of the Bay Area Climate Literacy Impact Collaborative.



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