Spotlight on Science: Local Seaweeds and Kelps, by Josie Iselin & Larry Knowles

November 1, 2018

February 26th ~ 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Location: Downtown Noyo Center at 338 N. Main Street in Fort Bragg

Larry Knowles, owner of Rising Tide Sea Vegetables, and author/artist Josie Iselin will talk about the kelps of the local Mendocino Coast and in particular the threatened kelp forest. They are both passionate advocates for the marine algae and kelp of our near shore waters and will thrill you will stories from their experiences and work in the intertidal ecosystems of our area.

Josie holds a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard and an MFA from San Francisco State University. For over twenty years Josie has used her flatbed scanner and computer exclusively for generating imagery. She is still captivated by the fluidity with which this technique allows her to render and design with three-dimensional objects. As a fine artist, Josie exhibits large-scale prints at select galleries and museums, designs architectural scale seaweed commissions and gives workshops on art & algae. She has also designed a line of luxury scarves. She hopes that celebrating the ordinary wonders we find at the beach, and the algal world in particular, will bring thoughtfulness and stewardship to this extraordinary place of discovery.

Josie Iselin is the photographer, author and designer of seven books, with new projects always in development in her San Francisco studio, Loving Blind Productions. Her books focus on those forms in nature we find at hand and in particular, at the beach. Her visual primer on seaweed, An Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed, was published in 2014 by Abrams. Iselin continues her explorations into the world of marine algae with her forthcoming book, The Curious World of Seaweed: Stories from the Pacific Coast, an ambitious combination of essays and historical as well as contemporary imagery. This book chronicles the natural history as well as the history of science of sixteen iconic Pacific coast seaweeds and kelps. 

Larry Knowles became involved in Rising Tide Sea Vegetables in 1995 inspired by his passion for whole, local, food and a commitment to Right Livelihood.

He became sole proprietor of Rising Tide in 2004. Today, Rising Tide Sea Vegetables is a thriving business that supplies culinary grade wildcrafted dry seaweed and healthy seaweed snack products to stores and individuals in the Western United States.

Larry holds a Green Building Certificate from Sonoma State University. With his contractor skills, he invented and constructed a passive solar seaweed drying facility to accommodate a more extensive operation and grow the business. In 2005 he founded Chubby’s Shared Use Commercial Incubator Kitchen in Fort Bragg. Chubby’s not only provides space for Rising Tide to package our line of culinary seaweed , and bake seaweed snacks, it also houses other local food entrepreneurs.

Larry was appointed to the Marine Life Protection Act Regional Stakeholder Group by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors in 2008 and served for 2 years working with state and tribal government agencies along with scientists and public and private stakeholders to design a series of Marine Protected areas from Point Arena to the Oregon Border.

Because of his seaweed harvesting passion over the last 24 years, his love of recreational freediving and spearfishing here on the Mendocino coast, as well as a long-term study of the ecosystems unique to these rich cold-water habitats, Larry has an in-depth knowledge of ocean conditions, especially the changes in recent years in the near-shore rocky kelp habitat that he loves.