Noyo Center Talks Science: Salmon and Steelhead of Coastal Mendocino County

August 12, 2021

with Guest Presenter Sarah Gallagher
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
6:30 PM PT
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Salmon and steelhead are a connection between the land and the sea, and indicators of ecosystem health. Three species call coastal Mendocino home, all which are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act and their populations are at risk of extinction. A community of partners, landowners, and scientists work together to monitor them, and repair and restore degraded watersheds to create healthy, freshwater habitat. During this presentation, Sarah Gallagher will provide an overview of our local coastal watersheds, describe the life history of these highly migratory species, explain how we monitor populations, and discuss current strategies underway to help recover these fish. 
Sarah Gallagher is a Senior Environmental Scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in Fort Bragg, California. Her work focuses on monitoring the freshwater life stages of our native salmon and steelhead in Coastal Mendocino watersheds from Usal Creek to the Garcia River. After proclaiming her love of fish at the age of three (her mother is convinced it was the fish mobile in the crib) and spending childhood tromping around in the swamps and lakes of upstate NY in their pursuit, she happily chose to make her passion a career. Sarah completed her degree in Fisheries Biology and Management from Frostburg State University in Maryland and has spent the last 22 years in California working with salmon and steelhead. Prior to her recent move to the Department and working with salmon on the Mendocino Coast, she worked for both the US Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service in the California’s Central Valley.

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