Science Talk: Seeing Below the Surface: The Underwater Lives of Baleen Whales

April 14, 2021

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 7 PM PST

In this lecture our guest speaker, Ari Friedlaender, will discuss the development of new tag technologies and how they are used to study the underwater lives of whales. From studies of handedness in blue whale to sea ice habitat use of Antarctic minke whales, this lecture will share new footage and information that helps us understand how these ocean giants survive as well as the threats that they face from human activities.

Ari Friedlaender is an Associate Researcher at the UCSC Institute for Marine Sciences and the Director of Research for the California Ocean Alliance. He has pioneered the development and use of tagging technology to study the behavior and ecology of whales around the world. Ari has long-term ecological research programs in the Antarctic, Pacific and Atlantic with work focusing on baleen whales. This work is helping to develop an understanding of the relationships between whales and their environment and using this to better understand the impacts of human activities including climate change, ocean noise, and navy sonar. Ari is a National Geographic Explorer, a World Wildlife Fund Ocean Ambassador, and a delegate to the International Whaling Commission.