Noyo Center on the Water!

Carine's Fish Grotto to become new research station

The Noyo Center for Marine Science is thrilled to announce its acquisition of a waterfront facility in the Noyo Harbor. The purchase of the property – formerly Carine’s Fish Grotto – was made possible through the generous support of the Carine family and another donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The Noyo Center will be launching a fundraising campaign to offset costs associated with the property acquisition and its transformation into a top-notch research and education facility. The Noyo Center will christen the building “Carine’s Landing” to honor the Carine family’s history in Noyo Harbor.

Carine’s Landing joins the Noyo Center’s two other facilities – the blufftop Crow’s Nest visitor center and the downtown Discovery Center – to offer a well-rounded set of community services, including education, economic development, and scientific research. As the organization continues to move towards development of the Ocean Science Center on the former Mill Site, Carine’s Landing will provide a permanent foothold in Noyo Harbor, including a dock along the Noyo River and space for marine research laboratories. The Carine’s Landing facility will help further the non-profit’s mission of advancing ocean conservation through education, exploration and experience by:

  • Providing experiential education for school children and research/educational opportunities for college students
  • Furthering our collaborative research on bull kelp restoration
  • Developing restorative seafood from purple urchin ranching 
  • Creating an abalone brood stock program 
  • Developing sustainable blue economy initiatives

To help offset the costs of the Carine’s Landing facility and support our marine research and educational programming, the Noyo Center plans to open a small coffee house and lunch spot that utilizes the existing commercial kitchen. The Slack Tide Café will operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, bringing the community closer to the marine ecosystem through its scenic locale and interpretive information.