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Previous Talks and Resources

OCTOBER 2021: Marine Mammal Strandings and Unusual Mortality Events Along the Pacific Coast with Dr. Cara Field

SEPTEMBER 2021: Salmon and Steelhead of Coastal Mendocino County with Sarah Gallagher

SEPTEMBER 2021: Large Whale Entanglement Response with Jack Barkowski

AUGUST 2021: Feeding Ecology and Physiology of Baleen Whales with special guest Geraldine Busquets-Vass

JULY 2021: Whale and Ocean Acoustics with Jeff Jacobsen and Special Guests Yvonne Barkley, Michelle Fournet & Michael Stocker

JULY 2021: Part 2: Beyond Curious Encounters: Bubble Rings & Humpback Whales with Jodi Frediani and Fred Sharpe

JUNE 2021: Marine Heat Waves vs. Upwelling along the Northern California Coast with Marisol Garcia-Reyes

MAY 2021: Vertebral Variation in Marine Megafauna with Jamie Knaub

MAY 2021: Part 1: Humpback Whale Communications Systems with Fred Sharpe

APRIL 2021: Beneath the Surface: Studying the Underwater World of Baleen Whales with Ari Friedlaender

MAR 2021: Tour of CA Academy of Sciences Marine Mammal Research Collection with Moe Flannery

MAR 2021: A Small Piece of a Large Puzzle: Investigating the prey quality and foraging choices of gray whales on the Oregon coast with Lisa Hildebrand

MAR 2021: Overeating and Spending Time in with the Kids: Whales in the Alaskan Arctic with Janet Clarke

FEB 2021: Kelp Forest Restoration Project with Tristin McHugh, Morgan Murphy-Cannella, Ian Norton, and Kristen Elsmore

FEB 2021: The Secret Language of Elephant Seals with Carolyn Casey

JAN 2021: CA King Tides Project with Annie Frankel

NOV 2020: Beach Response Stories with Sarah Grimes-

MAY 2020: The History and Happenings of the Mendocino Coast Field Station with Brianna Zuber (video coming soon)

APRIL 2020: Effects of Ocean Warming: Seabird Survival in the New Normal with Julia Parrish

MARCH 2020: Gray Whales and Recent Migration Changes with Tanya Smart (video coming soon)

FEB 2020: A 100-year History of Ocean Acidification on the California Coast with Emily Osborne(video coming soon)

SEPT 2019: Zero Waste and Becoming Trash Neutral with Nicole Paisley Martensen and Heather Guevara- September 2019

SEPT 2019: Mill Site History with Linda Ruffing

JUNE 2019: At the Cove with Sea Shepherd with Wendi Felson

APRIL 2019: Oceanography with Andy Jahn