Noyo on Film

Our Future in Science

Short film on the history of the Fort Bragg mill site and the Noyo Center for Marine Science


Noyo Center Blue Whale Film

Do we need marine science on the Mendocino Coast? Watch as over 500 kids learn about and experience marine science through recent field trips to the boneyard.  Our educators were as inspired by these visits as the kids were.  With every interaction, we are more convinced than ever that young and old alike are eager to learn about their coast and experience marine mammals in a new way.  The Noyo Center is already making this happen.

Noyo Center (Short Version)


Building Blue

Watch as our Noyo Crew puts together the best puzzle of all…the skeleton of a Blue Whale! We are working on a dream to feature this amazing specimen in the Whale House at the future Noyo Center for Marine Science.



How Whales Change Climate

IMG_0005Brought to us from our friends at Sustainable Human, this video is one of our favorite tools to use in the classroom. However, there is so much for all of us to learn here. Click the image above to watch the movie.

New Orca Project Video
From Beach to Bones